Bandwidth Tester

Welcome. Please use this tool to test the amount of bandwidth your internet circuit is providing to your current location. When determining if a VoIP phone service is right for you, there are two elements to consider:
  • Do you have enough bandwidth?
  • Is the "quality" of your broadband connection good enough to support phone calls?
Remember... you must be on a computer attached to the broadband circuit on which you will be using the voice services. To begin, simply press the city button below which is nearest to the location where you will be using our voice services. Press the “Seattle” button if you are located in the western half of the US or press the “New York” button if you are located in the eastern half of the US. When the test has completed, please read the numbers at the bottom of the screen to your Sales or Care Representative.

For accurate results, please run this test at a time of day when you and your employees are conducting normal levels of work activity.

To start the test, click on the name of the city closest to your location

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